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Latex: usage of subfloat minipage

November 11, 2017
\begin{minipage}[b][][t]{.3\textwidth} % [b] bottom [t] top
\begin{minipage}[b][][t]{.3\textwidth} % [b] bottom [t] top
\begin{minipage}[b][][t]{.3\textwidth} % [b] bottom [t] top
 \caption{The bearing error is $\sum_{(i,j)\in\E}\|g_{ij}-g_{ij}^*\|$.}

Feedback linearization of Unicycle Model

November 5, 2017

Keywords: unicycle, single integrator, double integrator, feedback linearization

There are two types of feedback linearization of unicycle models. The first is to obtain a single-integrator model. The second is to obtain a double-integrator model (reference for the double integrator model: Automatica ‚ÄúDistributed formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots without global position measurements‚ÄĚ).

my memo: unicycle linearization

Get Euler angles from a rotation matrix

July 26, 2017
Matlab function:

function rho=fcn_EulerFromRotation(R)
% R is the rotation from body to world frame

% assume -pi/2<tht<pi/2


%R32=sin(phi)*cos(tht), R33=cos(phi)*cos(tht)

%R21=cos(tht)*sin(psi), R11=cos(tht)*cos(psi)


matlab generate the same random number everytime

June 16, 2017

use the following command before the rand function, you will get the same random number everytime you run the m file.

rand(‘seed’, 0);


Set latex font

June 12, 2017

The command is:

\renewcommand*\rmdefault{ptm} %ppl

if you want to understand the three letter word: ptm or ppl. Read the table III of this document:

Here is a good introduction:


March 16, 2017

Theorem -> Thm.
Corollary -> Cor.

Chapter -> Chap.



Insert Youtube video to powerpoint

February 28, 2017

Keywords: youtube, video, PPT, powerpoint, starting time

  • First, go to youtube and find the video. Then click Share->Embed. You will get a code as below:


  • Second, paste the code to word and modify it. Specify the starting and ending times as shown below.


  • Third, go to PPT and click Insert->Video->Online Video->From a Video Embed Code (not the Youtube one). Copy and paste and nail it.